How technology is weaving magic in human resource management


Technology has changed the hiring process, selecting more appropriate candidates for each job, increasing efficiency and decreasing attrition.

The landscape of human resource management (HRM)has been changing at a rapid pace with the onset of new technology. And there is no sign of a slow-down as technology changes the way HR personnel have dealt with things, to make processes more streamlined and recruitment more refined.

So how has technology affected HRM? Technology has always had a unique answer to the need of the hour, and efficient management is critical to today’s world. Technology has changed the hiring process, selecting more appropriate candidates for each job, increasing efficiency and decreasing attrition.

How HR tech affects existing system
Dozens of innovative new technologies have been developed to help the entire human resource workflow, ranging from recruiting and shortlisting candidates, to talent management, tailored training procedures and workforce management.

Innovative software and platforms now help one select the suitable candidate for a job, with a skill-set that complements the profile and a psychometric assessment that suits the culture of the company. Cognitive test tools have been developed to cater to a wide range of skills, each having various requirements.

What HR Tech offers
A small business might require a small-scale scheduling tool, while large organisations will need full-scale HRM suites to manage their workforce.

These technologies have a wide variety of features built and customised to cater to the needs of the organisation and provide additional value to the HRM team.

Also, the support and information provided by the human resource tech companies also go a long way in improving the understanding of HRM, and how to make the most out of available resources.

Categories of HR tech available
Core human resource management: This involves shortlisting potential employees from a large pool of candidates, to find the best match through cognitive assessment, psychometric assessment and skill test, thus reducing time and cost per hire.

Talent Management: Talent-management software goes a long way in developing a comprehensive performance analysis report of every employee and suggesting training and employee development programmes along with compensation management.

Workforce Management: After the hire comes the process of integrating the new employee with the existing system, assigning roles and approaching the big-picture goals to achieve yields. Workforce management software enables the human resource team to manage attendance, payroll, scheduling and leaves with ease.

(The author is a member of the Product Marketing team at Mettl, one of India’s fastest growing assessment platforms and skill measurement companies. Along with writing articles for HR, Debarshi has a tendency to tinker with gadgets in his free time and is also vocal about his love for Android.)

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