India’s 3E challenge – Education, Employment, Employability – An apprenticeship looking glass

With numerous accounts of a crisis in education, employability and employment- India’s 3E millstone around its neck, we strongly believe apprenticeships and vocational education can become the veritable silver bullet to alleviate the burden of the 3Es.


A recent survey revealed close to 76% of Indians view dearth of employment avenues as a ‘very big problem’. And a controversial leaked NSSO report stating a 45-year employment low in India.

In education, the 2018 Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) states a 95% enrollment rate of children between the ages of 6-14 years since 2007. Viewed differently, in a country obsessed with targets- whether in education or skills training- and less on learning outcomes, how far has the quality of what we teach our children made them capable of acquiring and keeping good jobs. In other words, how ‘employable’ are they?…Read more

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