HDFC Securities opens ‘women-only’ DC in Bengaluru

The digital centre is aimed at fostering diversity within the organisation


Ensuring diversity within the organisation, HDFC Securities has opened its first ‘women only’ digital centre or DC in India. Given the fact that the country has one of the largest populations of young adults in the world, of which 27 per cent belong to Gen Z, HDFC Securities wishes to hire women aged below 30 years for this “revolutionary digital centre”. Over a 100 relationship managers will be hired for this DC.

Located in Bengaluru, this centre has an all women staff that will serve men as well as women investors/ clients from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Telangana.

Many similar DCs are in the pipeline.

“The Women-Only DC is another step in HDFC Securities’ aim to foster diversity within the organisation, while also empowering its customers with technology that eases their journey to financial freedom,” said Dhiraj Relli, managing director & chief executive officer, HDFC Securities.

Relli further revealed that the Company is already in the process of hiring “600 relationship managers for our pan-India DCs.”

Young relationship managers, below 30, it is believed, will be able to give their younger clients “unique insights into the needs of our largest customer demographic”.

The DCs will give women easier access to HDFC’s services. Since “only seven per cent of Indian women invest independently in the financial markets, and 33% of women don’t have any financial investments. We aim to encourage these women to take charge of their finances with a women-only team at the new DC,” said Relli.

Mufaddal Matcheswala, chief growth officer, HDFC Securities, believes, “when women run the centre, it will encourage other women to manage their own investment portfolios, make informed decisions and gain financial security. We believe that hiring women as relationship managers for the DC will further our efforts to ensure diversity and empower women to take charge of their finances”.

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