Pinnacle Industries announces a women-only recruitment campaign

EvolutioNARI is committed to creating an equivalent opportunities ecosystem in the automotive manufacturing space, with the first hiring drive to begin from 23 to 24 Feb, 2023


Pinnacle Industries has announced the largest women-only recruitment campaign in an attempt to widen the pool of women in the workforce, in the automotive manufacturing sector. Aptly called ‘EvolutioNARI’, the initiative aims to provide a platform for talented and experienced women professionals and engineers, who have been on a sabbatical or career break, to return to active professional life.

Women engineers and professionals whose careers may have taken a back seat due to family commitments or other personal reasons can now hope to restart their career, hone their skills and even upskill themselves as an active part of the corporate culture.

To begin with, the Company is looking to hire mechanical, electrical and robotics women engineers with at least a year’s experience. Skilled professionals are also sought for various functions, including research and development (R&D), purchase, tool, operations, Tailoring, stores, administration, HR, and finance functions.

As an incentive to draw more women, the company is offering immediate joining to qualified women candidates with a reduced probation period and retention bonus.

There will be walk in interviews as part of the first hiring drive to take place from 23 to 24 Feb, 2023 at Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh, where the Company’s manufacturing facility is located. Interested women may also apply via the official website, or by using the QR Code available across Pinnacle Industries’ digital platforms

Pinnacle Industries, the Indian company that manufactures seating systems, automotive interiors, railway seating and specialty vehicles, is open to hiring women irrespective of how long their career break has been.

Arihant Mehta, president, Pinnacle Industries, who is “excited to launch ‘EvolutioNARI’, to promote gender diversity and inclusivity in the manufacturing, engineering, and automotive industry,” strongly believes that “with the increased women talent pool, we will be able to create a more holistic and inclusive workplace, which is a strong growth driver for innovation, precision and outclass performance”.

The Company realizes “that women’s talent continues to represent an underutilised resource, especially in the automotive and manufacturing sector”. Through this recruitment campaign, Pinnacle is “looking to gain a competitive advantage by hiring skilled women professionals looking to reboot their careers”.

Valuing diversity, equality, and inclusivity, Pinnacle Industries is committed to providing a supportive work environment and opportunities for professional growth.

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