Air India to revise its Privilege Leave policy

India's flag carrier aims to align the Privilege Leave policy with market conditions and implement a new leave policy.


Air India has made an announcement stating that it intends to modify its Privilege Leave (PL) policy for permanent and full-term contract employees starting in the upcoming fiscal year. The move aims to align the policy with the current market conditions. According to an internal communication, effective from April 1, the maximum accumulation limit for PLs for all employees will be 60 days per financial year. An employee can either accumulate up to 60 days of PLs at the end of a financial year or encash the same number of PLs.

Suresh Dutt Tripathi, CHRO, Air India stated that the company is currently comprehensively reviewing its leave policy to ensure that it aligns with the prevailing market practices. This includes revising the PL accumulation and encashment limits. The company will also be implementing a new leave policy for its staff.

As a result of the PL policy revision, the leave encashment policy for permanent employees will be modified. Currently, permanent staff members have the option to accumulate or encash up to 300 PLs. However, this option is not available for fixed-term contract employees, such as pilots, cabin crew, and ground staff. Pilots have the ability to accumulate up to 150 PLs, while cabin crew and ground staff can only accumulate up to 60 PLs.

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