UAE implements one year ‘Entrepreneurship Leave’ for self-employment

The prime minister of UAE recently announced a new policy detailing a one year paid leave for government employees looking to start their own business or be self-employed.


In a recent announcement, the government of UAE issued a statement regarding a new policy. Government employees will now be given a one year paid leave if they wish to start a business of their own or become self-employed.

This measure is said to begin from January 2, 2023, as mentioned by Khaleej Times.

The ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice president and prime minister of the UAE announced the cabinet’s approval of the initiative in the hope that it will create more business in the country.

This report came days after the cabinet’s move to restructure the social welfare programme for its citizens.

“Today, within the Council, we decided on sabbatical leave for citizens working in the government who wish to run their own businesses. The leave lasts for a full year, with half the salary, while preserving the job. Our goal is to encourage our youth to take advantage of the huge business opportunities offered by our national economy,” HH Sheikh Mohammed tweeted.

This new rule ensures citizens who are willing to start their own businesses, half their salary for a year. The leave has to be approved by the federal employee whom they work for.

The leave could be a combination of unpaid leave and annual leave.

Khaleej Times reported a government official saying the country will work towards building the capabilities of those who avail this leave. The government of UAE would support those in the fields of entrepreneurship, establishing and managing companies.

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