5-day work-from-office for TCS staff starting 1 October

The work-from-home policy has been discontinued


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has discontinued work from home for its employees. It has put an end to the hybrid work model too by mandating that employees work from office five days a week starting 1 October 2023.

As per media reports, those who were earlier coming in to office thrice a week will have to start coming in five days. There is no choice given in the matter.

Earlier this year, TCS had issued a warning to its employees to comply with the company’s work-from-office policy, apart from asking them to work in the office for three days a week. It made it clear that strict action would be taken if they failed to follow the rules. The IT major had issued memos to employees who disregarded the company’s work-from-office policy. It had implemented a requirement for employees to work from the office for a minimum of 12 days each month. At the time, the memo had employees that if they failed to comply with the office attendance roster, disciplinary action would be taken against them. The move clearly emphasised TCS’s commitment to enforcing the policy and maintaining a structured work environment almost four months ago.

Now, it has made it mandatory for all its associates to be physically present in the office for work, five days a week.

Whether employees will happily embrace the five-day work-from-office mandate remains to be seen. Many professionals believe that returning to office will lead to attrition and traffic snarls and other commuting woes. However, TCS has always maintained that personal face-to-face interaction is necessary for employee engagement.

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