Meeshoites to get 11-day ‘reset & recharge’ break

From 22 October to 1 November, Meesho employees will enjoy a break from work post the busy festive sale period


Meesho, the Indian internet commerce company, is giving an 11-day break from work to all its employees. From 22 October to 1 November, 2022 all employees of Meesho will get time to rest, relax and focus on their mental well-being after the festive sale period. Called ‘Reset and Recharge’ leave, this is the second consecutive year that Meesho has announced this break.

The move is in keeping with Meesho’s commitment to the holistic well-being of its employees.

As Ashish Kumar Singh, chief human resources officer, Meesho, rightly puts it, “Building a great company culture requires one to acknowledge that work-life balance, rest and rejuvenation are key to employee well-being”.

‘Reset and Recharge’ allows employees “to decompress however they want – whether it’s spending time with near and dear ones, travelling or picking up a new hobby”, pointed out Singh.

He added that “such progressive policies have helped augment our employee centricity and industry-leading retention rates.”

This is just one among the many forward-looking policies that Meesho has launched. Its boundaryless workplace model, infinite wellness leave, 30-week gender-neutral parental leave and 30-day gender reassignment leave have already created a buzz.

Meesho’s comprehensive MeeCARE programme, designed to boost holistic well-being for Meeshoites and their families, enables employees to balance their professional and personal goals. MeeCARE covers a wide spectrum of wellness initiatives through a combination of policies, benefits and other interventions. The Reset and Recharge policy is further proof of its efforts to create a dynamic workplace that offers flexibility and empowerment.

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