Reliance allows unlimited lessons for employees & their families

The employees and up to three members of the family will get to enjoy unlimited access to all courses. 


Reliance offers their employees and their family members unlimited access to Coursera business certifications from over 170 universities.

These universities include Carnegie-Mellon University, Yale University, the University of Michigan, and Johns Hopkins University, as well as organisations such as Meta, Google, SAP and Microsoft.

Up to three members of the employees’ families can receive free and unlimited access to all courses, specialisations and certifications in the edtech platform’s business catalogue. Along with that they will also be able to access its 200K videos and 5 to 10-minute lessons for on-the-go learning.

There have been over 100,000 course enrolments so far, while about 500,000 lessons have been taken at Reliance from May 2020 to December 25, 2022.

Reliance Industries, is an Indian multinational company, which is headquartered in Mumbai. It has diverse businesses including energy, petrochemicals, natural gas, textiles, retail, telecommunications, and mass media.

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