Amazon to hire 75,000 workers across Canada and the US

It will offer a bonus of $100 if the candidates can produce proof of vaccination


On May 13, Amazon announced that it is going to hire around 75,000 workers across Canada and the US. The Company has also announced that it will be offering a $100 bonus to all the new hires who present proof of having been vaccinated against COVID-19.

The minimum per hour pay offered by Amazon is $17. It had recently hiked hourly wages by about $3 for its over half a million strong workforce in the US.

The Company has been hiring across the world to tackle the increasing pressure on e-commerce, amidst the surging demand. Amazon has taken on approximately 5,00,000 workers last year and has plans to expand in terms of the number of warehouses, air hubs, and other facilities across North America.

Amazon is planning to hire people and extend its reach to every corner of North America. The recruitment will be undertaken across Arizona, California, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Wisconsin, among other states.

The bonus is being offered to draw talent. While the new workers will receive $100 for vaccination proof, the existing workers will be provided $80 for the same. In March this year, Amazon had started on-site vaccination drives at its warehouses in Missouri, Nevada and Kansas. Since then, it has launched more than 250 vaccination clinics across Canada and the US. These clinics are equipped to inoculate over half a million frontline warehouse and delivery workers.

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