How different is Bounce India’s hiring event Casting Call

As it enters the Indian market, Bounce India will kick off its hiring process with its extraordinary ‘Casting Call’.


The indoor trampoline park, Bounce India, which serves all age groups, is launching its operations in India, and is hiring people for its Mumbai park, this week. The Company is organising a hiring event called the ‘Casting Call’, where it is looking to hire around 70 people as venue staff and also for team leader roles.

So what’s so different about this hiring process? At the onset, the candidates need not carry their CVs, nor are they required to dress in formals! Though, this happens in many other creative jobs.

According to the Company’s exceptional philosophy, when it hires teams for its business, it gives more importance to the candidate’s personality and passion for work than the qualification and skills. “For us, passion is most important. The skills required for the job will be provided by us,” says Anand Barot, director & CEO, Bounce India.

It will be a three-day event. On the first day, one-on-one interactions will take place with the hiring managers, to understand the personality and level of passion of the candidates. People will be examined in groups of 80.

Anand Barot

“For us, passion is most important. The skills required for the job will be provided by us”


Some 200 candidates will be selected for the next round, which will take place on the second day of the event. The second round will consist of group workshops, where the ability of the candidates to work in teams will be assessed. From this bunch, 80 candidates will be shortlisted for the third and final round, which will take place on the third day.

The final round will again have a personal interview to further understand the personality of a candidate. Team leaders will also be selected in this round.

This system of hiring is unheard of in India. The Company follows the same hiring strategy in all 16 countries where it has its presence.

“Our hiring strategy remains the same in each country. But in India, we made a little modification. In other countries, we also offer part-time jobs through such events, but India being a country where people prefer full-time jobs, we had to make some changes in that area,” shares Barot.

Before the opening of the venue, the employees will go through a 15-day training for their respective roles.

This is part of the global freestyle movement, where Bounce strives to inspire movement, self-expression, and human connection.

Furthermore, Bounce prides itself on recruiting exceptional people who are engaging, passionate and self-aware. Its philosophy is that by finding the right people and allowing them to play to their strengths with equal support and autonomy, much can be achieved.

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