Openings at OpenAI, maker of ChatGPT; salary could be Rs 3.7 cr p.a

A recent podcast revealed that the firm is looking for talented research engineers, research scientists and research managers.


OpenAI, which made ChatGPT, is looking for coders and critical thinkers as well as those with knowledge of machine learning (ML) among other things, to fill various research-oriented vacancies. Some of the roles it is looking to hire for are that of research engineers, research scientists and research managers. Those selected may earn a minimum of about Rs 2 crore and a maximum of about Rs 3.7 crore per annum.

This was revealed in a recent podcast, by Jan Leike, head of superalignment, OpenAI.

However, mere expertise in coding and machine learning will not suffice. The candidates should be genuinely committed to furthering the cause of safe artificial intelligence (AI). The selected candidates may find themselves working on the design and execution of complex experiments pertaining to safety research. The research engineers at OpenAI will be responsible for coding for ML training as well as management of experimental datasets and troubleshooting.

It is not mandatory to have prior knowledge of AI safety or a PhD in ML. Candidates who possess the ability to develop ML models will be selected.

Those who are keen to learn can think critically, possess the curiosity to learn more and ask questions about technology may apply for the roles of research engineers and scientists. These research engineers and scientists will be led by research managers. For the role of research manager, the suitable candidate should possess experience of managing teams as well as knowledge of ML.

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