Top 10 HR products of 2017


Best ten HR products that were recently awarded at the 20th Annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition, in Las Vegas

The amalgamation of technology and innovation has been working wonders to provide HR with more unique and smarter solutions. Some of these ground-breaking HR solutions were recently awarded at the 20th Annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas. Top HR products awards at the conference unveiled some of the best new HR products. Here is a list of the top ten and the features that make them unique.

Compass by ADP
Compass comprises two 360-degree feedback assessments for leaders and teams, coupled with a personalised coaching service delivered via the Web. Post the assessments, it provides insights tailored to the assessment results and an eight-week coaching curriculum that includes automated e-mail delivery of personalised content. Compass also provides access to benchmarks that allow them to compare their leadership talent with their own best teams, as well as teams from other high-performing organisations.

BetterWorks Continuous Performance Management by BetterWorks
This is a cloud-based system, which integrates with core HRIS platforms, and makes performance management an ongoing process in its true sense, helping managers conduct more accurate performance reviews. It tracks employee goals and enables supervisors to document conversations or periodic check-ins with staff. Managers are provided with quarterly coaching questions, such as, “What are specific examples of instances where this employee was highly effective?” or “How can I support my employee in achieving expected behaviours?”

Employees, meanwhile, can enter detailed information about their assigned tasks or projects, receive reminders about deadline dates and post feedback about co-workers they’re collaborating with on joint projects. Managers can log into the system at any time to monitor an employee’s growth while employees can review their own progress too.

I-9 Audit and Remediation Solution by Equifax Workforce Solutions
I-9 Audit and Remediation automates the inspection of historical I-9s to help identify potential issues. Employers can use the tool to quantify risk and prioritise corrections. It is designed to assist both employers and employees in making electronic corrections, while providing a more comprehensive audit trail to help manage Form I-9 compliance.

ClearID/ClearContact by ClearStar Inc.
ClearID is an identification-card and facial-recognition app and ClearContact is an industry-first electronic qualified labour address book. Together, they are designed to make it easy for employers to verify and manage a ‘casual’/on-demand labour force. Users can quickly verify the identity of a labourer by taking a photo of her or his face and checking the government-issued photo ID, which then validates the ID and matches the candidate to it, returning actionable results in an average of five minutes.

RiseSmart Insight by RiseSmart
This unique solution focusses on leaving employees and past employees, helping organisations manage their market perception well. It provides HR professionals and leaders with a complete system of record for real-time outplacement performance tracking and analysis. With RiseSmart Insight, companies can track and analyse outplacement performance and can view the status of transitioning employees in real time. They can manage the post-employee experience and also track how past employees feel about the company through an Alumni Sentiment Analysis, a post-exit survey that sheds light on how past employees perceive their former employer. All this is intended to help the employer manage its brand, reduce the risk of litigation and simply do right by those who have contributed to the organisation in the past.

Narrative Intelligence by Glint
Narrative Intelligence combines modern organisational-development science with machine learning and interactive visualisations to tell an organisation’s story through the eyes of the employees. The solution is powered by Glint’s AI-for-HR technology, and it synthesises open-ended feedback across the entire employee lifecycle—including engagement surveys and pulses, ‘always-on’ feedback channels, on-12Q boarding feedback, exit interviews and 180 assessments—with the intent of exposing the ongoing issues an organisation is facing and, in turn, guiding leaders and managers in taking the best course of action.

SmashFly Analytics by SmashFly Technologies
This one captures data from its Enterprise Recruitment Marketing Platform and helps identify where the talent pipeline is healthy, and where it can be improved. Insights are derived from an uncommonly wide array of applicant and candidate experience data, some of which can be unique to the client organisation. Other standard data is benchmarked, with the intent of providing a relative gauge on recruiting effectiveness. Such insights are designed to help organisations better allocate recruiting investments to those sources, locations or events that have proven to deliver quality candidates. Similarly, the tool is designed to identify bottlenecks and effective practices in the candidate-to-hire funnel.

Textio is an augmented writing platform that analyses job posts and evaluates the language contained within, predicting who will respond based on the hiring outcomes of millions of real job posts. For example, Textio uses colours to highlight words that impact the effectiveness of job posts. Green highlights are positive phrases, while orange highlights represent phrases that are more likely to turn applicants away. When the user’s cursor hovers over highlighted phrases, Textio also offers alternative words, which its predictive analytics have determined are more likely to perform better. Every post written in application is assigned a Textio score, from 0 to 100, and Textio auto-saves documents in a library that enables others within the organisation to see how the highest-performing job posts are crafted. The platform also provides graphs allowing users to see how their organisation’s hiring is improving in comparison to their competition.

Shaker Standard-Edition Virtual Job Tryout by Shaker
Standard-Edition Virtual Job Tryout lives up to its name. It is a hands-on way for employers to determine if job candidates are qualified for the work before they are offered a position. In the past, large employers could benefit from Shaker’s virtual job tryout offering, but now, as a “standard-edition” offering, employers can utilise the solution, with little or no customisation, for a broad spectrum of positions. It offers a ready-to-use, interactive pre-employment assessment that takes advantage of years of job-performance predictive data.

Visier Talent Acquisition by Visier
Visier Talent Acquisition connects ATS data with talent management, core HR and other workforce data. This candidate and employee life-cycle approach is designed to help leaders quickly answer talent-acquisition questions with unprecedented confidence. Questions such as “What’s the quality of our hires over the period?” “How long is it likely to take to fill a certain role?” and so on. By putting this information together in one place, the goal is to make it easier to track diversity and ensure fairness and equity at every stage of the hiring funnel. It’s also possible to isolate the factors that increase and decrease candidates’ propensity to withdraw their applications or refuse offers.

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