Infosys-Aramco tie-up to accelerate HR tech

This collaboration will help scale the use of automation and improve employee experience by employing artificial intelligence (AI)


Infosys and Aramco have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to accelerate the latter’s human resource (HR) technology.

This collaboration will see the two entities attempt to study and harness the powers of HR data and analytics, speed up automation and use of related tools, and improve employee experience with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

Taking pride in the “globally benchmarked” learning and development programmes at Infosys, Ashiss Kumar Dash, EVP & global head – services, utilities, resources and energy, Infosys, said, “Through this collaboration, we intend to bring our digital expertise and tools to Aramco’s HR practice to deliver a world-class employee experience. By aiming to incorporate high-level AI and automation into their employee-management model, we will attempt to help Aramco scale and enhance their talent model.”

Infosys intends to integrate digital transformation practices and tools into Aramco’s HR platform, so that their employees’ digital experience is enhanced, which will result in better engagement and productivity.

Infosys will also use AI to narrow the skill gaps that exist in Aramco’s workforce, and address issues related to employee learning and development and ensure suitability of talent to the opportunities available.

This tie-up will also try to analyse ways in which automation can take over monotonous and repetitive HR tasks in the area of learning and training, to increase the efficiency of the latter and reduce the time and costs involved.

Aramco will also benefit from the algorithmic decision-making feature that will help the company remain up-to-date with trends and also find relevant recruitment channels.

According to Faisal A. Al-Hajji, SVP-human resources, Aramco, “This collaboration will allow us to explore ways to further upgrade our focus on customer-centricity and transform our digital HR offerings.”

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