AIIMS Officers Association threatens to strike

The members of the Association are miffed that it has been 30 years since a cadre review has taken place, and are demanding that the review happen so that promotions can be given


The Officers Association of the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) is threatening to go on strike by August end, if their demands are not paid attention to.

The employees are demanding a cadre review, which is long overdue. Apparently, it has been three decades since there has been a cadre review. The memorandum submitted to the administration also demands that the contribution of AIIMS towards the national pension scheme (NPS) also be reviewed. While most government offices contribute 14 per cent towards NPS, AIIMS contributes only 10 per cent.

The Association points out that even though Chandigarh AIIMS and PGU Puducherry Hospital also fall in the same category as AIIMS Delhi, their pay scales are different. Although a coordination committee was set up nine years ago to look into this, nothing has been done till date.

The officers are frustrated and disappointed at the way the Health Ministry and AIIMS have failed to resolve their issues. Ever since these demands have been put up, the Ministry has also changed, which is only adding to the delay in action.

Only after cadre review can the employees of the Officers Association be promoted.

Meanwhile, AIIMS has also been in the news for becoming the first hospital in India to have its own fire station within the campus. Delhi Fire Service (DFS) has tied up with AIIMS, Delhi, to soon open a fire station inside the hospital. Given the volume of patients and visitors to the hospital on a daily basis — about 30,000 to 40,000 people — small incidents of fire are frequently heard of. This AIIMS fire post will be operational from September 2021.

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