AppyHigh to hire 100 techies, sees rise in number of users

The mobile technology company is strengthening its tech talent and is also looking to hire people in product, app development, data science and marketing


Appyhigh, a mobile technology company is set to hire 100 more people as the demand for its active monthly users has increased. The Company is ready to hire people across departments such as product, app development, data science and marketing.

The focus of hiring talent in the area of product development, data scientists and engineering will be more and the Company really wants to invest in engineering skills such as Kotlin, Node.js, Python and Flutter.

The Company has also started an ‘internship to hire’ programme wherein it is inducting young talent from colleges and institutes and giving them an opportunity to transition into full-fledged professionals.

“Our #AppyHire programme is a great way to overcome the current challenges that the tech industry is witnessing due to a severe crunch in tech talent. The format also gives a chance to build talent from ground up and is a great way for those joining the workforce to build their confidence. It also paves the way for employee loyalty in the long run,” shares Aneesh Rayancha, co-founder, AppyHigh.

AppyHigh has adopted a hybrid setup at work with virtual knowledge cafés, fun sessions, and in-person token of appreciation, including personalised letters of appreciation and gestures that are increasingly becoming critical to developing deeper bonds with employees in a remote setup.

Venus Dhuria, co-founder, AppyHigh, observes that with people shifting from PCs to smartphones, “they are accessing the internet directly through mobile, resulting in rapid adoption of apps for everyday use”.

Therefore, the Company foresees a “massive need for innovative product development to enhance the experience of smartphone users”.

According to Dhuria, “This will require fresh thinking, and thus, our ‘internship to hire’ programme is a great way to bring younger talent on board so that the best of ideas come forward from a generation that is mobile native”.

By building global products based on the ‘digital hierarchy of needs’ of smartphone users, AppyHigh has witnessed a monthly user growth of 10X in 2021.

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