Company’s ‘Baby Bonus’ counters anti-family abortion trend

PublicSq will give $5,000 bonus to any employee who becomes a parent through birth or adoption


In a bold move, an anti-woke company has introduced a unique initiative called the ‘baby bonus’ for its employees, emphasising the importance of supporting families. The decision has been made in an attempt to combat the prevailing corporate trend of promoting abortion over maternity leave. 

Under the program, PublicSq., a US-based company, is providing a generous $5,000 bonus to any employee who becomes a parent through birth or adoption. 

Michael Seifert, CEO and founder, PublicSq., recently shared the details of this new policy that supports the overall well-being of his company by supporting the families of their employees. He also explained the rationale behind the implementation of the ‘baby bonus’ program, emphasising the company’s commitment to its core values. He expressed the belief that actions speak louder than words and saw this initiative as a tangible way to support and empower families.

During his interview, Seifert also called out many companies, claiming to implement many efforts to empower women, but their true motive is very different from what it seems. He pointed out that while these companies may outwardly claim to prioritise ‘women’s healthcare,’ the unfortunate reality is that their primary concern lies in avoiding the costs associated with providing maternity leave.

Seifert stated that these companies prioritise preserving the monetary value that their employees bring, and as a result, they are more inclined to prioritise financial considerations over empowering the growth and well-being of families. This, according to Seifert, reflects a disheartening choice made by these companies, favouring their own financial interests over supporting the development and expansion of families.

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