Decade old staff of ELV Group get house as reward

The apartments being gifted would cover an area of aout 1250 sq. ft


“Being in the real-estate industry, gifting a home felt like the best deed,” said Bhaskar E, chairman, ELV Group, commenting on the decision of the real-estate brand to reward its employees with a house on completing 10 years of service.

He went on to add, “A house is everyone’s big dream and we have pioneered in delivering this dream to many. We felt morally obligated to cherish the dreams of employees dedicating their lives to our growth”.

The Group launched this reward to recognise the contributions made by the employees to the growth of the business over the years. The apartments being gifted will be around 1250 sq. ft.

The 13-year old ELV Group, has, over the years, diversified into many areas / businesses, including construction, with ELV Projects (residential and commercial); education, with The Prodigies International School;healthcare, with Brunex and Chemtex, and even entertainment, with Warnick Studios.

Having grown exponentially in the past decade, the Group is expected to hit 10 times the business in 2022-23.

Giving expensive rewards to employees has become a norm amongst organisations of late. Quite recently, Kissflow Inc., a Chennai-based software-as-a-service company (SaaS) gifted five of its employees with BMW cars that cost about Rs 1 core. This was the Company’s way of rewarding them for their loyalty. Yet another Chennai-based company, called Ideas2IT, also gave away 100 Maruti Suzuki cars to its loyal employees, as part of a wealth-sharing programme.

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