Do software engineers at Google earn basic salary of Rs 5.90 crore?

Data leaked recently reveals that the median total compensation of Googlers touched Rs 2.30 crore in 2022.


That Googlers are paid very well is a known fact. However, that software engineers at the tech giant, in the US, may be paid up to Rs 5.90 crore as base salary may come as a surprise.

A report by Business Insider says that according to a leaked spreadsheet, Google paid Rs 2.30 crore, that is, $2,79,802 as median total compensation to its employees in 2022. Clearly, software engineers at Google receive the highest compensation with their base salary going up to $7,18,000 last year.

Other roles that command high salaries are that of business analysts and sales professionals. In addition to being the maximum salary receivers, software engineers also receive the maximum bonuses and equity. In fact, roles that are eligible for the highest salaries in the engineering, sales and business divisions all earn six-figure salaries. That isn’t all, when it comes to equity, software engineers got up to $1.5 billion last year.

In the US, full-time Googlers working as software engineering managers earn a base salary of up to Rs 3.28 crore or $4,00,000. They are followed by enterprise direct sales personnel who are paid up to Rs 3.09 crore or $3,77,000 as base salary. Legal corporate counsels get up to Rs 2.62 crore or $3,20,000 as basic salary, followed by sales strategy professionals who draw about Rs 2.62 crore and UX design personnel who draw up to Rs 2.58 crore as base salary. Roles dealing with government affairs and public policy command Rs 2.56 crore, while research scientists earn up to Rs 2.53 crore, Cloud sales personnel draw up to Rs 2.47 crore while programme managers earn up to Rs 2.46 crore or $3,00,000.

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