Hardship bonus for Xiaomi India staff

Employees’ vaccination cost will also be covered by the Company


The 60,000 employees of Xiaomi India are in for a hardship bonus of half-a month’s salary. The smartphone manufacturing company will also cover the COVID-19 immunisation costs for each of the employees and their family members.

Manu Kumar Jain, MD, Xiaomi India, has assured that all employees and their family members will be encouraged to get vaccinated as per the eligibility criteria.

Recently the mobile manufacturing company announced its plans to open two new mobile-manufacturing plants in the country, and is also working on launching a second television manufacturing plant in Telangana. That means, all its smartphones and televisions sold in India will be manufactured in the country itself.

These two plants are being set up in collaboration with DBG India and Chinese manufacturer BYD. The television-manufacturing plant will be operated by Hyderabad-based Radiant, which manufactures televisions in the country. Earlier, 85 per cent of the Company’s televisions were manufactured in India, but now 100 per cent are manufactured here.

With the new factories being set up, the work of manufacturing its components will also be shifted here. The Company is foraying into manufacture of batteries, motherboards, sub-boards, and chargers in India. It intends to start manufacturing camera modules too, needless to say it has opened up employment opportunities within the country.

Xiaomi India added almost 10,000 people to its workforce in 2020 alone. Its present workforce strength is 60,000 comprising direct employees and those employed by its partners in varioius manufacturing units and service centres.

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