ORAI Robotics gifts NFTs to all its employees

It is probably the first company in the country that is trying to make non-fungible tokens a part of its culture and business


ORAI Robotics, the conversational artificial intelligence (AI) company has gifted non-fungible tokens or NFTs to all its employees, in recognition of their hard work. It is probably the first-ever company in India to give away corporate NFTs to its staff.

A non-fungible token is a non-interchangeable and non-replaceable unit of data stored on a blockchain. These NFT data units may comprise digital files such as photographs, videos or audio clips and so on as a uniquely identifiable token. However, NFTs also possess the potential to revolutionise the corporate world in the years to come.

The employees can either store or flaunt their NFTs as a medal, badge of honor or certificate, or even trade and transfer these NFTs in order to capitalise and earn from them.

The Company is also providing a buyback policy option, wherein employees can monetise the NFTs by giving them back to the Company after a certain period of time, based on certain conditions and criteria. Additionally, the Company will also provide free access to various training and events related to conversational AI, skill development and other related trainings for the employees who possess these NFTs.

Attempting to gain first-mover advantage in the Indian corporate NFT space, ORAI Robotics has validated and transferred these NFTs to the entire workforce of over 50 employees through a digital wallet, which was created by each employee with support from ORAI.

Recently, ORAI minted and launched its first-generation NFT collection for employees called ‘ORAI Upbeat’ — which reflects the values of the Company and its commitment towards AI and robotics technologies. The ORAI Upbeat Collection consists of 500 unique NFT collectibles specifically minted for employees and key stakeholders.

Each one of these collectibles represents optimistic, cheerful, and happy robots designed to create encouraging engagement in the up-and-coming world of metaverse. While the ideation for this project was done in-house, ORAI Robotics collaborated with Meta9corp.io — a company in the blockchain, NFTs and metaverse space – for strategic in-depth consulting and creative support.

Swapnil Jain, co-founder & CEO, ORAI Robotics reveals says, that “Going forward, every time we at ORAI Robotics grow, we will celebrate the success by giving NFTs to employees”. Jain feels that “we are pioneering a new path for companies to engage with their employees via NFT with the secure blockchain technology underneath”.

Shashikant Kabra, national head – sales, ORAI Robotics, explains that “Not just in terms of investments, but the value you get with NFTs in the longer run is extremely significant. Now I will be able to showcase my blockchain profile with ORAI NFTs, and as the transfer is recorded in blockchain, no one in the world can deny that. I look forward to earn and get as many NFTs from the company in my upcoming journey with the organisation.”

The firm has also unveiled a long-term plan to celebrate the success of its employees and the organisation at large with NFTs, and thereby, make NFT an important part of the Company’s cultural DNA.

In future, every time an employee completes a one-year milestone in the Company, ORAI will allocate an NFT airdrop into their wallet. On completing their first year, the employees will be allocated GIF NFTs; and similarly, those who complete their second, third, fourth and fifth years will be allocated animated GIFs, videos, audio/music and art respectively in the form of NFTs.

In the near future, ORAI Robotics intends to gift NFTs to its partners, customers and other key stakeholders. It also plans to harness blockchain NFTs, a form of background verification, past credentials, certificates, awards etc., by storing the data on blockchain and further using it as a proof of employment.

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