Droom resumes work from office in 100% capacity

Droom’s work-from-office was divided into three phases with defined norms on the basis of cases within and outside the Company


Droom, an e-commerce platform for sale and purchase of cars, has resumed work from office. The Company has over 250 employees who are all now working from office. The Company ensures that they have resumed work from office taking all precautions and keeping employee safety in mind.

The work-from-office has resumed in three phases, with defined norms on the basis of cases within and outside the Company. The return to office started in the month of June. According to the firm, majority of its employees have been vaccinated with their first dose and more than 50 per cent have got their second dose.

Many big conglomerates do not want to take any chances this time around, looking at what happened in the second wave, and the third wave still on the cards. However, Droom has decided to go ahead with its decision to return to office. “Employee health and safety are most important to us, but it is also important to start leading a relatively normal life, hence, keeping all safety and precautions intact,” shares Sandeep Aggarwal, founder & CEO, Droom with HRKatha.

The Company is following strict COVID norms within the office premises. “For ensuring the safety of our employees in the Droom vicinity, we are following strict COVID guidelines and have installed sanitisers and ensured proper social distancing in office,” says Aggarwal.

“Not only this, to ensure the mental wellbeing of Droomers, we have launched employee engagement programmes to help them cope with the stress and anxiety around the current situation,” adds Aggarwal.

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