Britain to lift WFH restrictions on July 19

Even wearing of face masks and maintaining social distancing will not be mandatory


Britain has announced the lifting of all COVID-19 related restrictions. Starting July 19, people can move about without wearing face masks or maintaining social distancing. Organisations can call their employees back to office and remote working can be brought to an end, starting July 19. Employers will have the liberty to decide how many employees they wish to be present at the workplace. The COVID-19 protocols and guidelines will be further relaxed for the employers. Only basic government guidelines will be required to be followed.

This announcement was made by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, but he also cautioned that lifting of restrictions does not imply that the pandemic is over. Britain is relying on vaccination to get back to normalcy as soon as possible. The country is working to accelerate the vaccination programme with the interval between doses for those above 40 already being reduced to eight weeks instead of the earlier 12.

Anyone who tests positive will legally require to isolate themselves unless they are fully vaccinated. If transport services so wish, they can insist on riders wearing masks. The limit on the maximum number of people in a gathering will also be lifted. Concerts and sports events will take place as usual.

Food outlets, restaurants and night clubs will reopen, and fully vaccinated people will be allowed to travel, without any need for quarantine.

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