Google implements job cuts at Waze 

Google acknowledges the challenges of job cuts at Waze and expresses gratitude for the contributions of affected employees  


Google is implementing job cuts at its Waze mapping service as part of its ongoing efforts to integrate the unit into its own map products. The decision to reduce jobs at Waze coincided with an announcement from Chris Phillips, the head of Google’s Geo division, regarding a significant change in Waze’s ad monetisation strategy.

The new plan involves transitioning Waze’s ad management to the global business organisation (GBO) and aligning it with Google Maps. Unfortunately, this strategic shift will result in layoffs across various departments involved in Waze Ads monetisation, including sales, marketing, operations, and analytics.

In a statement provided to Reuters, Google explained that the purpose of these changes is to enhance the long-term experience for Waze advertisers. As part of this transition, the company has reduced roles focused on Waze Ads monetisation. While the exact number of job cuts was not disclosed in the employee communication, it is known that the Waze unit currently employs over 500 individuals.

This recent announcement follows Alphabet’s earlier disclosure of layoffs impacting 12,000 employees, which accounted for 6 percent of the company’s workforce. The decision was prompted by a significant deceleration in revenue growth.  Alphabet has been taking various steps to enhance efficiency, including downsizing and discontinuing certain projects.

Since the end of last year, Google has been intergrating Waze into its Geo unit, which is accountable for managing maps. This organisational restructuring also involved the departure of former Waze CEO, Neha Parikh. The integration of Waze into Google Maps aims to streamline operations and provide users with a more unified and seamless experience.

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