Infosys launches digital centre, to create 1,000 jobs in Calgary

The IT major intends to employ 8,000 people in Canada by 2024


Over the next two years, Infosys plans to create 1,000 jobs in Calgary, Canada. This is double the number the Company had originally promised. In fact, this is proof of how the Company is growing across Canada, where it now intends to employ a total of 8,000 people by 2024, compared to the about 4,000 it had promised earlier.

Calgary has proved to be a hub of quality tech talent, and is therefore an ideal location for scaling work. It is also the right place for Infosys from where to serve its clients across various industries including energy, natural resources and agriculture.

The digital centre at Calgary will facilitate better interaction with Infosys’ clients in the region so that they can be offered better solutions in the areas of green technology, enhanced user experience, the best automation, along with the latest digital technologies, such as cloud and big data.

The upskilling and reskilling of employees, of Infosys as well as its clients, will be handled by this Centre. This will, in turn, make it possible to speed up digital transformation of businesses across the region.

The Company is collaborating with institutions such as the University of Alberta, to offer training and development opportunities to fresh graduates as well as working professionals. This collaboration will also offer learners the opportunity to be mentored and to be involved in research.

The learning centres within the digital centre aim to ensure that the employees have the facilities / means to keep learning throughout their lifecycle in the organisation.

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