6% more reservation for most backward castes in Rajasthan

OBCs already enjoy 21% reservation in all state government jobs and education institutions, this additional reservation will give the most backward castes within OBC many more opportunities for education and government jobs


In addition to the 21 per cent reservation that OBCs enjoy in educational institutions and state-government jobs in Rajasthan, six per cent more seats within the Other Backward Classes (OBC) will now be reserved for the Most Backward Castes.

Rajasthan is readying for a caste census in the state, as revealed by Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. The most backward castes will be identified by the OBC Commission, which will then submit a report.

Also, the Rajsthan government has done away with the requirement of immovable property when it comes to the 10 per cent reservation offered to the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) category in the State. Therefore, the members of EWS will also benefit more from reservation.

Various organisations fighting for the rights of members of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes have been pursuing the issue of population-based reservations, and the state government is looking into the same.

Meanwhile, two months ago, the Haryana council of ministers had accepted the recommendations of the Backward Classes Commission to provide reservation to category A of backward classes (BC) in municipal corporations, councils and committees in Haryana. This means, a specific number of wards in every municipal corporation, council and committee will now be reserved for citizens of category of backward classes.

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