Amid financial distress Accenture plans to lay off

The company will let go of 83 employees permanently by the second quarter of 2024.


Accenture’s Detroit office is getting ready for a fresh round of layoffs. The layoffs are expected to begin on 4 December 2023, and will go on until 28 May 2024. Senior analysts, trust analysts as well as safety analysts are majorly going to be impacted by this reduction decision.

Employees who will be affected by this decision are going to receive or have already received a two-month notice. However, they have the option to try for another job role within the company, and if they do succeed, their termination stands cancelled.

By the second quarter of 2024, the company intends to let go of 83 employees permanently, as per a report submitted to the Michigan labour department. The reasons for the layoff could be financial difficulties, restructuring efforts,  changing business strategies or changes in client contracts that require alterations in staffing levels.

Understandably, the layoffs will push these employees to start looking for new jobs, which may impact local businesses that depend on Accenture. The company, which has a corporate office in addition to facilities in Southfield and Livonia, offers services in 120 countries and has around 7,38,000 employees, globally.

It’s also worth noting that the company has already informed its staff in India and Sri Lanka that they would not be getting any salary raises in 2023, considering the challenges that the IT sector is facing and the less than expected growth posted by Accenture.

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