Free generative AI courses from Microsoft-LinkedIn collaboration

The AI Skill Initiative is part of Microsoft’s Skills for Jobs programme that aims to offer introductory courses on generative AI


Microsoft has joined hands with LinkedIn to offer free introductory courses on generative artificial intelligence (AI). The AI Skill Initiative is part of Microsoft’s Skills for Jobs programme, and will be available via LinkedIn Learning.

The objective of the programme is to improve comprehension of artificial intelligence (AI) and offer significant knowledge on AI so that the same is used responsibly and within an ethical framework.

While the courses will initially be available in English, the content will be made available in other languages in the near future.

Those who complete the course will receive a professional Career Essentials certificate, which will be useful in terms of employability amidst the growing demand for AI talent.

Although India has about 4,20,000 specialists in AI, machine learning (ML), and big data analytics, there exists a gap of 51 per cent between the demand for AI talent and its availability within India.

The company realises the need to empower people with knowledge so that they are able to use their skills to effectively harness AI. Microsoft itself has trained about 70,000 women from tier 2 and 3 cities of India. That means, not only is the growing demand of AI professionals being catered to but inclusivity in this domain is also being ensured.

Across companies, AI skills are amongst the top priority when it comes to training strategies, in addition to creative thinking and analytics. With the AI Skills Initiative, Microsoft aims to facilitate the creation of an environment conducive to tech innovation.

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