How to support learning in this digital era

According to a number of recent reports, learning has emerged as one of the top challenges in human capital.


‘Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere’, goes a Chinese proverb. This is very much applicable and significant in today’s scenario. With the changing times and continuous development in technology, upskilling the workforce is not just a ‘tick in the box’ activity anymore, but has become a real business need!

According to recent industry reports, the gap between India’s talent demand and supply in 2021 is expected to be around 140,000 in niche technology skills, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics. The 22nd Annual CEO survey by PwC also suggests that 55 per cent of CEOs felt that limited availability of essential skills does not allow them to innovate in business processes.

Reading these stats and reports, it is very much understandable that investing in upgrading the skills of our employees is the way to go forward and is the key to stay relevant in the market.

Another challenge in learning and development (L&D) is the upcoming generation, that is, Gen Z!

We can refer to a number of studies and researches, which say that Generation Z wants to learn and upgrade their skills for career advancement. According to a Delloite survey, more than 40 per cent of Gen Z consider on-the-job learning to be more valuable than what is taught in universities as workplace skills.

Looking at these numbers, we can say that the coming generation expects a lot from their employers. So, it is the responsibility of the L&D experts to fulfil these and engage with their future workforce. Apart from this, we all know that the traditional methods of classroom learning and training will not suffice for this generation. Organisations need to really adapt and look at a digital transformation of their learning initiatives to support learning in the digital era.

HRKatha, in association with Sumtotal Skillsoft, has come up with this whitepaper titled ‘Building a Future-Ready Learning Organisation for the Road Ahead’ which discusses ways in which companies can leverage the benefits of a learning management system (LMS) platform, digitise their learning processes and use them more effectively, leading to tangible business results.

Several CHROs and heads of L&D departments of various organisations, have shared their expertise and insights with HRKatha, about how they are digitally transforming the learning culture in their respective organisations.

Richard Lobo, EVP, Infosys; Mahesh Padala, head – learning & organisational development, KEC; Emmanuel David, director HR, Tata Management Training Centre and Adarsh Mishra, director & CHRO, Panasonic India, have shared their valuable views and experiences for this whitepaper.

This is a potent knowledge capsule for businesses and HR leaders who wish to transform or enhance the learning culture in their companies.

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