Madhya Pradesh CM rewards ASHA, USHA workers with welfare measures

Retirement age increased to 62, honorarium raised to Rs. 6,000, medical insurance coverage up to Rs. 5 lakh


Shivraj Singh Chauhan, chief minister, Madhya Pradesh, made a significant announcement during a conference for accredited social health activists (ASHA) and urban slum health action programme (USHA) workers, held at Lal Parade ground, Bhopal. Praising the exemplary work of the ASHA-USHA sisters, who conduct vital tasks such as door-to-door surveys, child birth certificates, vaccination programmes, and support in health services and marriages, CM Chauhan unveiled several welfare measures for these workers.

The retirement age of ASHA, USHA workers, and ASHA supervisors is set to be increased from 60 to 62 years, ensuring a longer period for their valuable services. To further reward their efforts, the post-retirement package will include a substantial sum of Rs. 1 lakh. Additionally, these workers will now be covered by the chief minister health insurance scheme, which offers essential medical benefits.

The government has taken remarkable strides in improving the financial well-being of these workers. Their monthly honorarium will see a substantial boost, from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 6,000. To ensure their continued prosperity, an annual increment of Rs. 1,000 in the honorarium has been announced. 

Moreover, the government’s commitment to the workers’ welfare extends to providing medical and accident insurance coverage of up to Rs. 5 lakh. In an effort to empower the ASHA supervisors, their honorarium will witness a significant raise, reaching Rs. 13,500.

The chief minister also instructed that they would not be removed from service in case of serious illness.

Furthermore, these compassionate steps also encompass enrolling every ASHA and USHA sister in the Mukhyamantri Ladli Bahna Yojana, a scheme designed to offer additional support to these deserving workers.

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