Maharashtra government mediates Hyundai-GM worker dispute

The government asked Hyundai to hire some striking workers and urged General Motors to improve severance packages for departing employees.


Eknath Shinde, chief minister, Maharashtra, recently held a meeting at his Mumbai residence to address issues concerning Hyundai and General Motors striking workers. The state government has requested Hyundai Motors, the new owner of the GM India plant, to consider hiring some of the striking workers when they start operations in 2025. The government also suggests that General Motors should offer more generous severance packages to those who choose to leave.  

Senior GM executives, Uday Samant, industry minister, Suresh Khade, labour minister, and other officials attended the meeting to address the ongoing dispute that has led workers to go on an indefinite hunger strike.

The Maharashtra chief minister expressed support for the workers stating that their demands will be considered in Hyundai’s upcoming Talegaon project. A severance package has already been accepted by 696 GM India employees, while the remaining have filed a lawsuit against the company, alleging ‘illegal’ termination and plant closure.

Samant is expected to visit the protest site to encourage the workers to end their strike and cooperate with the state. According to a representative of the General Motors Employee Union, they are satisfied with these recent developments. Workers’ representatives stated that they would continue their fight until they received legally documented assurances. 

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