‘No vaccine, no salary’: Punjab government to employees

Employees will have to upload their vaccination certificates on iHRMS failing which they will not receive salary


Punjab government has issued a mandate for coronavirus vaccination to its employees. If employees do not upload their vaccination certificates on the Punjab Government portal, they will not receive their salaries.

The finance department sent an order to the administrative secretaries, divisional commissioners and deputy commissioners on Wednesday, December 22, with instructions about what to do in the matter.

According to the order an employee who has received one dose should register the number of the certificate. If vaccination certificate details are not furnished, the employee’s salary will not be released. The order also suggested that employees link their COVID vaccination certificate number with the salary module. If this process is not completed by adding information regarding vaccination, then they will not receive their salary.

The order doesn’t specify what action will be taken against employees who haven’t taken any dose of vaccination yet.

Employees can enter their vaccination certificate number in the Integrated Human Resource Management System (iHRMS).

As the threat of Omicron variant engulfs the world, vaccination and booster shots are being recommended as the only way to keep oneself safe from the infection. India has reported 236 cases of Omicron variant infection so far. Punjab has become the first state in India to issue a vaccination mandate for its employees. Other states may also do the same if the situation doesn’t improve in the coming days.

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