Railways to protect its 13 lakh employees, drafts protocol

Extensive mapping of employees has begun, and senior officials have been ordered to create and maintain a proper database of all employees.


Following the death of two railway employees from COVID-19, the Central Railways has drafted a protocol that identifies all the potential quarantine facilities to protect its 13 lakh employees.

The protocol named ‘Rail Pariwar Dekh Rekh Muhim’ aims to protect the Railway family from the pandemic. It consists of steps that to be followed by all 17 zones to keep the employees safe.

The document directs the zones to map all employees in the various divisions, workshops and headquarters. The names of employees, their current residential addresses, and phone numbers are to be maintained according to their area/location, so that they can be contacted any time. Instructions have been given to mark the potential quarantine/isolation facility for each of the employees, including their family members and dependants.

It is reported that mapping of employees in some zones has already begun in line with the guidelines of the protocol. The  rest of the zones will soon follow suit.

All senior official of the Indian Railways have been create and maintain a database of all employees, to facilitate mapping.

As per the protocol, employees and their family members with health issues, such as diabetes and hypertension, will be given special care and attention.

So far, more than 5,700 people have been infected with the coronavirus, and claimed at least 166 lives have been lost to the pandemic in the country.

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