Starbucks CEO begs staff to return to office

Howard Schultz admitted that he had offered to go down on his knees to get his employees back to office


That most employees across the globe are unwilling to return to office full time is becoming clearer by the day. Howard Schultz, CEO, Starbucks has admitted to pleading to his employees to return to work full time, but in vain. He even offered to get down on his knees and do ‘push-ups’ for the employees to concede. However, it looks like employees do not wish to return to full-time work from office.

At an event recently, he shared that his employees are only willing to return to office for two or three days a week.

However, the coffee chain realises that productivity hasn’t been affected by people working from home. That is probably why, the global coffee chain has not yet made it mandatory for employees to return to office.

The eligible staff, especially those in the non-retail roles, have been offered flexibility to choose between hybrid and remote working.

Depending on the nature of role and responsibilities, the posts advertised by Starbucks are labelled as ‘hybrid’ (where working from office a few days and from home a few days can work) and ‘remote’ (where it is not essential to be working from one specific location or office).

Unlike Starbucks, the CEO of Tesla recently warned his employees to get back to working from office full time, or be prepared to lose their jobs.

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