TCS is UK’s leading software/IT services firm and recruiter

Last year, TCS was in second position, but this year it has jumped to No. 1 position in the list of ‘Top 30 Suppliers of Software and IT Services’ to the UK Market


Tata Consultancy Services’ UK Revenue of £2.63 billion in 2020 has pushed it to number 1 position in the UK market.

The ranking follows a detailed study of Britain’s revenues in terms of more than 200 publicly-quoted and privately-held firms. Last year, TCS was in second position. Following its exceptional performance in terms of revenue rankings by subcategory as well, it managed to top the Applications Operations category, and achieve third position in Consulting and Solutions.

Having taken on over 7,000 employees since 2016, of which about 1,800 are trainees, TCS has grown to become one of the top recruiters of IT services talent in Britain. It has more than 18,000 people on its rolls across 30 locations in Britain, and has plans to add about 1,500 more in 2021.

According to the report, by research firm, TechMarket View, TCS’ number one position is proof of its resilience and innovativeness in the face of the pandemic. The Company has been making systematic investments in research and innovation, to come up with innovative solutions for its customers. The phenomenal pace at which TCS transitioned to ‘secure borderless workspaces’ has been the main reason behind its success in the digital transformation area, allowing it to provide solutions to innumerable businesses in Britain and Ireland. The Company has bagged some very lucrative projects recently.

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