TCS explains 3E work model to employees, increment on the cards

Many IT firms are asking employees to come back to work, but TCS is allowing employees to embrace work from home in a hybrid model


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is reportedly readying to follow a hybrid work model, wherein employees will have to come in to the office for two days in a week, while for the rest of the week they can work from home.

It is reported that the Company has shared an article, titled ‘Future of Work’, with its  employees, to explain what the work model at TCS may look like in the future.

In the article, the Company has emphasised the 3 E model, where the three ‘E’s stand for  Enable, Embrace and Empower.


The first step is to embrace the new way of working. Since it will be a big change for people in their lives, from regular work from office to work from home and now hybrid, it is going to be difficult for them to unwire and rewire things in their brain. They can go into resistance mode, which may be a challenge for many and can even be counterproductive.


Apart from just employees trying to embrace the new model of working, it is important that the employers enable and facilitate the process. Therefore, they need to create new guidelines and  also focus on culture development, to facilitate the change.


The third essential step is to empower the employees and the employer. Socio-technical solutions need to be given to both parties, to bridge the gap between the individuals and the management.

Apart from this, a salary hike is also on the cards and employees may receive an increment in the range of six to eight per cent.


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