Three-day strike planned by workers at Amazon

The workers at a UK Amazon warehouse are preparing for a strike over a wage dispute, timed to coincide with the 'Prime Day' sales event from July 11 to 13


Amazon workers at a warehouse located in the UK are preparing to stage a three-day strike, primarily due to a dispute over wages. The timing of the strike is deliberate, as it coincides with the highly anticipated ‘Prime Day’ mega sales event, which is scheduled to take place from July 11 to 13.

According to a report from Reuters, approximately 900 workers employed at the Coventry warehouse have committed to participating in the strike. Their plan involves engaging in two-hour work stoppages both in the morning and evening over the course of the three-day period.

This upcoming strike follows a similar action carried out by the workers from June 12 to 14. The GMB labour union, representing the employees, emphasised that the members in Coventry have remained steadfast in their demand for a minimum hourly wage of £15 ($19.25) and the recognition of union rights. The union stated that the workers at the Coventry warehouse have collectively agreed to extend their striking activities for an additional six months.

It is noteworthy that various industries in the UK have recently witnessed an increase in strike activity as workers voice their concerns and push for improved conditions amid the pressures of inflation. Teachers, nurses, transportation workers, and now Amazon employees have taken a stand through strikes, highlighting the need for fair treatment, adequate compensation, and stronger labour rights.

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