Accenture’s automation software eliminates 40,000 jobs internally

The software automates finance, accounting, marketing and procurement processes.


Global consulting company, Accenture, is all set to start selling automation software, which has already rendered 40,000 positions within the firm redundant. The software, SynOps, is designed to help companies streamline and automate processes pertaining to finance, accounting, marketing and procurement.

Meanwhile, the employees whose roles have been automated have all been trained to take on other jobs.

SynOps is a system that is capable of not just taking orders and generating bills, but also checking invoices against contracts, rectifying errors, if any and notifying the customers via e-mail. This level of automation is expected to free the human resources for other productive work which actually require human intervention.

Currently, Accenture charges clients for services on the basis of the number of workers employed for the work, or else a fixed sum/fee. With SynOps, the clients will now witness more efficiency and even lower bills.

The system can reject invoices that do not match the contract and even make corrections and send the rectified invoices to the customer. It allows clients to compare the efficiency of the processes with those of other companies.

While SynOps was undergoing development, Accenture’s headcount was growing. It presently has a workforce strength of 469,000 people. Its outsourcing unit relied on human resources in India and other low-wage countries to take care of routine tasks, such as customer service and data entry for its clients. SynOps is now expected to do away with the need for human resources altogether.

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