Twitter Spaces team shrinks to three employees

The Twitter Spaces team, which previously had 100 employees, is now operating with a limited staff


A recent report states that the Twitter Spaces team, which used to have around 100 employees, now consists of only about three individuals. The team faced technical issues during Florida governor Ron DeSantis’ 2024 US presidential election campaign on Twitter, causing widespread concern and disruption.

As per a report from the Platformer, the Spaces team at Twitter is currently functioning with a significant absence of the expertise and accumulated institutional knowledge they had gained after introducing live audio conversations in 2021, aiming to rival the popular Clubhouse app at that time.

“Practically no one remaining knows the current architecture in-depth,” one person wrote on a pseudonymous employee forum called Blind.

Nearly 20 minutes into the technical glitch, Governor Ron DeSantis was finally able to announce his candidacy for the US presidency, expressing his intention to lead America’s resurgence. 

David Sacks, tech entrepreneur, and Elon Musk acknowledged that Twitter’s server capacity limitations contributed to the difficulties encountered in starting the event.

“This was by far the biggest room ever held on social media. Twitter performed great after some initial scaling challenges. Thanks, Twitter Team for adapting so quickly to make history,” Sacks tweeted.

Twitter has also introduced several new features for its users. Users now have the option to explore and discover new lists to follow on the web by typing a term into the search bar and browsing through related lists.

Additionally, Twitter chief Jack Dorsey announced upcoming features that include the ability to forward and rewind videos, as well as support for picture-in-picture mode.

Furthermore, Twitter recently announced that Twitter Blue subscribers will now be able to share videos that are up to two hours long. These updates aim to enhance the user experience and provide more options for engaging with content on the platform.

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