Workplace depression cases on the rise in Indian organisations

Dearth of support systems, at work and at home, is the main reason.


The ‘India Employee Survey’ by tech start-up, Hush has revealed that 22 per cent respondents feel their productivity has reduced due to workload and stress. More than 50 per cent complained of workplace depression. Alarmingly, one out of every five employees in the Indian corporate world is a victim of workplace depression. Experts say it is ony because of the absence of support systems, not only at work, but at home.

The survey studied 3,000 employees from the IT, manufacturing, financial, start-ups and other sectors. Although more people are aware of such conditions and their reasons, there seems to be a major dearth of support groups in India to recognize and help such employees.

The number of people seeking medical help for anxiety and depression related to work is rising with each passing day. More youngsters from the workforce are suffering from sleeplessness, exhaustion, fatigue, regular headaches, chest pain and early burnout.

The respondents reveal that the primary reason for depression is the workload which gives them no opportunity to strike a balance between their professional and personal lives. A significant number of depressed employees are also dissatisfied with their role at work.

Stress due to the demands of the workplace results in anxiety, which over a period of time makes people depressed.

The challenge is more for women who try to excel at work and also perform their duties towards the family, and end up feeling mentally and physically drained in trying to perfect both.

Twenty per cent of respondents have given politics and pressure from colleagues as reasons for stress, while one in four employees blame unsatisfactory salaries.

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