Employees of Jet Airways receive job offers on social media

With nothing positive happening in terms of funding, the Airline has already suspended operations.


Realising that almost 23000 employees of Jet Airways may be rendered jobless, many businesses have posted job offers for them.

About a 100 pilots, 200 cabin crew and 200 technical staff have been offered jobs at SpiceJet. A Chennai-based publishing company has offered two Jet employees positions in the customer support department.

A public relations (PR) professional has offered 10 Jet Airways staff an alternative career along with an interest-free loan to complete a postgraduate programme at the end of which a PR job will be given to them.

There have been tweets offering Jet Airways employees the job of content writers and radio jockeys with Mirchi Love, a channel that is part of the Times Group. Modelling assignments have also been offered by modelling company, I-GLAM.

Though these tweets and posts on the social media reflect the good intentions of businesses to come to the aid of people in need, it may be a challenge to select the right fit for the jobs. These offers will definitely give some hope to the miserable employees of the Airline who have not received their salaries for months, and struggle to pay their bills, home loans, as well as kids’ fees. However, the biggest challenge will be to match the salaries that Jet employees have been used to all these years. HRKatha had recently reported that the pilots of Jet are having to compromise on salary. Other airlines are offering them jobs at a 50 per cent pay cut.

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