Vodafone sets up ‘Angel Stores’ with all women staff


The stores, which are not restricted to women customers alone, receive an average footfall and ratio of men and women at par with any other Vodafone retail outlet.

Companies are increasingly realising the need to minimise the gender gap in their workforces and improve diversity at the workplace.

With a similar objective, Vodafone India has set up 34 ‘Angel Stores’ across 21 circles in the country. These retail outlets are managed and run entirely by women employees, thereby making them unique. From the security and pantry staff, to the customer service resources and management-level personnel, women occupy all positions. The company believes that this is a way to empower women employees.

However, these stores do not cater exclusively to women. In fact, the average footfall and ratio of men and women customers is the same as any other Vodafone retail outlet. Catering to the product and service needs of all customers, these stores are not differentiated in any aspect, except for the fact that they are run by all women teams.

The company claims that ‘Angel Stores’ have been successful in building and maintaining loyalty among all their customers — both men and women. In keeping with the Vodafone tradition, the customer service offered at these stores matches the class and standard of all other Vodafone retail outlets.

The friendly female staff help customers feel at ease while they are visiting the stores and purchasing products, thus enhancing customer experience.

The initiative is in line with Vodafone’s endeavour to encourage diversity and inclusion at the workplace by constantly improving and reinventing itself and offering its employees the best in terms of industry workplace conditions.

Just a few months back, Vodafone had announced an extended maternity leave for its women employees.

According to a company spokesperson, “Platforms such as ‘Angel Stores’ can be great building blocks in driving social and economic development. They are a big step forward for the advancement of women empowerment in India. They lay great emphasis on equal rights and sustainable employment opportunities and follow global best practices in encouraging women to aspire for and achieve their career ambitions.”

“By providing one of the most secure and productive working environments, we help achieve gender diversity that is imperative for workplaces,” the spokesperson adds.


  1. An appreciable, credible move! The good initiative will boost the confidence of all women in competing with men to effectively deliver the best results.

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