Approval for 25 appointments withheld at Lucknow University

The step was taken because the details of existing teachers were not uploaded on the University’s website by all its associated colleges.


Lucknow University had instructed all its associated colleges to upload the details of its teachers along with their photographs on its website. However, out of the 167 colleges, not all followed the directive. Following discovery of various discrepancies and instances of rules being flouted, the University decided to withhold approval to the appointment of new teachers in 25 private colleges.

While all colleges were required to post the details of their teachers, some failed to furnish the photographs, while others uploaded incomplete information. There were also cases where the same teacher appeared as faculty in more than one college, which is clearly against the rules.

The directive was issued to ensure that the institutions did not project an inflated strength of teachers. Also, the step will take care of complaints that certain teachers were not qualified enough.

The colleges that have been found to default will not be allowed to start any new courses or projects till they fulfill the requirements and furnish all the details asked for. Fifty other colleges that have uploaded incomplete information will also face action.

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