HCL’s recruitment drive at Lucknow centre


The IT giant will expand its staff by 800, including freshers.  

Amidst the recent heavy layoffs in the IT industry, HCL Technologies has announced that it will hire 800 candidates for its Lucknow centre, including freshers.

The company has plans to expand its operations in Lucknow. It believes that the city has tremendous untapped potential and the company will utilise this educated youth potential, so that they don’t have to go to other big cities for jobs.  

HCL will hold a three-day recruitment drive for techies, starting August 4, and is looking at recruiting thousands of youngsters in the city in the coming years.

This recruitment drive is part of HCL Technologies’ ‘come back to home’ policy for techies, who are working away from their home city, and its ‘stay rooted’ policy for the fresh talent in the city.  

The HCL campus at Lucknow offers the Arya Bhatt Centre for training employees. This centre has the capacity to train 500 employees. Soon, another training center will be added to the campus.

Till now, 1500 jobs have been created by HCL’s Lucknow campus.

This is a much-needed move for job seekers, because it is rumoured that TCS, the other IT giant, will soon be closing its operations in the city. Therefore, Lucknow will see more than 2000 employees losing their jobs or being faced with the need to relocate to other cities.


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