51% employees feel future of work is about balance in life

43% employees feel sustainable business practices aimed at the betterment of the environment and the society in general is what the future of work will be about


Employees today are looking to strike a balance between their personal and professional needs. That is why, a good 51 per cent yearn for a future where work is redesigned such that there is time and energy to spare to spend quality time with family, to pursue hobbies and also focus on learning and development of the safe.

About 43 per cent of the employees seek sustainability, that is, business practices that aim to make the environment and the society better. Forty one per cent believe that the future of work will be all about leveraging the power of AI and automation and benefitting from technological advancement.

A significant 37 per cent of the employees surveyed by Mercer for the global talent trends study, said that in the future, organisations will have a clear, unifying purpose that goes beyond shareholder return.

A more human-led approach to workers and their needs will mark the future of work feel 36 per cent of the employees. Thirty-five per cent are confident that they will do well irrespective of where they work from.

Equity is what the future of work will be about feel 34 per cent. That means, they expect business practices to be put in place that will address the health and wage gap issues. Thirty-two per cent of employees are sure they will prioritise people, planet and profit without compromising any of the three. Interestingly, 30 per cent see the future of work being all about independence, with workers choosing to work where they want, when and for whom.

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