Brazil and India show strongest hiring prospects for Q4: Report

As per a survey by the Manpower Group, the need to hire is strongest in Brazil with 55% and India with 54%, and weakest in Hungary and Greece


Despite worries of a recession, employers across the globe expect to continue hiring much needed talent, as per the Manpower Group Employment Outlook Survey.

The need to hire is strongest in the Asia-Pacific (+40 per cent), followed by South and Central America at +39 per cent, North America at +32 per cent and EMEA at +21 per cent.

The most optimistic outlook is posted by organisations in the IT space (+42 per cent). Banking, real estate and insurance follow a close second (at +37 per cent). While employers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) feel hiring will be more or less stable (+21%), the countries near Ukraine feel it will be 17 per cent less than the previous quarter.

About 51 per cent of employers within the banking and finance sector expect to hire during the fourth quarter, while about 14 per cent expect hiring to decrease. That means, post season adjustment, the Net Employment Outlook (NEO) would be about 37 per cent, that is, aout 10 per cent higher than the same period last year.

However, there is a shortage of talent with 75 per cent of employers finding it difficult to find talent possessing the relevant hard and soft skills.

The top soft skills in demand in the education, health, social and government space are: resilience and adaptability; reliability and self-discipline; critical thinking and analysis; reasoning and problem-solving. About 40 per cent of the employers in this space expect to expand their workforce in Q4.

In the technology space, the top skills employers are looking out for are: critical thinking and analysis, creativity and originality, reasoning and problem solving and resilience and adaptability.

About 55 per cent of employers within the technology industry expect to hire during Q4.

The soft skills most in demand in the manufacturing industry are reliability, self-discipline, creativity, originality, resilience, adaptability, critical thinking and analysis in that order.

About 47 per cent of the employers in the manufacturing industry expect to hire more staff in the fourth quarter.

In the hospitality space, the skills most sought after are: realiability, self-discipline, resilience, adaptability, creativity, originality, collaboration and teamwork. A significant 43 per cent employers in the restaurant and hotel space expect to hire in the fourth quarter.

Employers in the wholesale and retail trade sector seek employees who are reliable, self-disciplined, resilient and adaptable. They expect employees to be problem solvers, creative and original too. About 44 per cent of employers in the wholesale and retail trade space expect to hire in Q4.

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