Skills Development Ministry to train youth and place them abroad

Till now, in the pilot phase alone, 107 youth have already got jobs in the Gulf nations as well as Japan.


Indian youth will now be provided country-specific training programmes by the Skills Development Ministry to help them get jobs outside India. The initiative has already managed to place 107 candidates in the pilot phase, in the Gulf countries and Japan. Another 48,000 prospective candidates have received training for emigration.

This is part of the Indian government’s mission to train its youth so that they become employable abroad. The programme trains the candidates not just in domain skills but also language skills, soft skills and pre-departure orientation. The Govt has tied up with 12 training organisations to offer training.

While candidates aiming for Japan are given training under the Technical Intern Training Programme (TITP), those aiming to land jobs in the Gulf nations are trained by the India International Skill Centre (IISC) and also given a day’s pre-departure orientation training (PDOT)).

Through its collaboration with training organisations, such as Empower Pragati, IL&FS Skills Development Corporation, Mahendra Skills, Prayas Juvenile Aid Centre (JAC) Society and SynchroServe Global Solutions, the Government of India has managed to secure the future of many of the country’s youth.

In the pilot phase itself, IISC managed to get jobs for 63 candidates. The one-day PDOT programme provided training to 48000 prospective emigrants, while 44 youth have reached Japan as technical interns after being groomed under TITP.

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