“Digital transformation and 5G revolution will change business models in India,” Unmesh Pawar

HR will play a big role in reshaping, retooling the workforce and leveraging employees on and off balance sheet, Unmesh Pawar, head - people, performance and culture, KPMG in conversation with HRKatha on HRKatha 2019 Forecast.



More power to HR in 2019

With the digital transformation compounded by the whole 5G revolution that India will see, companies will have no choice but to rethink their operating models and business models. A significant facet of this will be talent and agility. HR will play a big role in not only reshaping and retooling the workforce but leveraging different employees on and off balance sheet. Human Resources alone will have to anticipate the future policies and devise strategies to make the organisation future ready.

“We have to constantly be two steps ahead anticipating what the future would be”

The biggest challenge for HR in your sector

The biggest challenge for HR in our sector will be to stay ahead and current with respect to new trends that are shaping businesses. Our business is to make other businesses more successful. We have to constantly be two steps ahead anticipating what the future would be. A big priority for us is to have the right talent, two steps ahead of competition, with the right skill sets, and understanding and appreciative of how digital, quantum, cognitive is going to shape future of businesses.

“the personae of people are important to design thinking —HR will identify and stratify the five or six personae”

Application of design thinking to learning

Organisations have come to realise that the personae of people are important to design thinking — to help identify and stratify the five or six personae that work. After establishing these personae, we need to analyse what motivates, engages, and excites them. We need to determine whether we are designing HR programmes that can respond to these different personae in the way they desire. Organisations will have no choice but to connect individuals to the big picture, create a sense of purpose in people and align it to the organisation’s purpose. The focus will shift to wellness and well- being. Technology will be used to augment and personalise learning in 2019.

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Perennial issues — weakened productivity, high turnover rates, and a lack of team collaboration and innovation

We need to make this simple and not complex. With multigenerational diversity coming to the workforce, the demands, expectations and aspirations of the employees are very different in different segments. Organisations will create a sensible and agile work environment and allow creative workspaces.

“#MeToo is about inclusion and not about objectifying anyone” 

Human Resource personnel will tirelessly work towards the physical and mental well-being of the people to improve productivity. They will do so through flexible workplaces, where people can work from anywhere and at any time. They will encourage people to go on holidays, educate them about the side effects of being digitally connected all the time, ensure that people are covered under insurance and health programmes, spread awareness about fitness at the desk, change the rewarding strategy (offer vacations instead of cash rewards or gift vouchers). For the HR, it will be important to create the right culture and atmosphere.

#MeToo – Safeguard leaders or the employees: role of HR

#MeToo should be about reaffirming the fact that ‘I can be myself without feeling threatened or objectified’. It is about creating healthy work spaces. People need to be educated so that they know the difference between acceptable and non-acceptable behaviour. They need to know the implication of going off-track, and thirdly the action that will be taken in such a scenario. #MeToo is about inclusion and not about objectifying anyone. As HR leaders, our job is to build genuinely inclusive workplaces, break social codification of the past to truly let both genders and also the third gender work effectively at their full potential.

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