McDonald’s to use Snapchat, Spotify and Hulu for hiring


The company has launched a new tool – Snaplications.

Fast food giant McDonald’s and its independent franchisees across the US plan to hire 2.5 lakh employees this summer. These potential hires are in the age group of 16-24 years and found in large numbers on modern apps – 80 percent of the people in this age group use Snapchat.  To tap this rich source, the company has launched a first-to-market hiring tool named Snaplications (by merging the two words – Snapchat and application).

The tool serves as a video ad on Snapchat; users on the chat application get to watch a 10-second video of real restaurant employees talking about the benefits of working at McDonald’s. Interested candidates can then can then ‘swipe up’ to instantly visit the McDonald’s career webpage on Snapchat, explore the opportunities offered by McDonald’s, and apply to local restaurants.

All candidates, however, must go through the normal process of recruitment, including interviews and other formalities.
Jez Langhorn, senior director, human resources, McDonald’s USA, says in an official communiqué, “We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to find job seekers. We thought Snaplications was a great way to allow us to meet job seekers where they are – their phones,” he adds.

“As we see the younger generations seeking out their first jobs, we want to make them aware of the great opportunities available at McDonald’s, especially considering we’re committed to being America’s best first job,” he says.

Although launched in the US for the first time, the activity was tried in Australia early this year.  The company also uses other platforms such as digital music service, Spotify and American subscription video-on-demand service Hulu to reach potential job seekers.

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