Encashing learning to engage, compete and succeed: The Expertise Economy

An eye-opener and a ready guide to the future, the book helps the businesses and leaders to equip their workforce for a world where expertise is the best currency


Tales of businesses reaching the peaks of success and then facing extinction due to their inability to innovate and transform with changing times are innumerable. The only foolproof ways to counter obsolescence are, by learning constantly, upskilling and adapting. That said, even the ways in which people actually learn are changing now. Organisations that are cognizant of this shift and have begun supporting their people on their learning journey are the ones that have put their best foot forward towards ensuring future success.

In an era where skills form the most valuable assets, Kelly Palmer and David Blake’s book, The Expertise Economy, brings a fresh approach to learning as a medium for business growth, offering CEOs and business leaders a peep into the future, where learning will serve as the best weapon. The volume lends an insight into how leaders can ensure the right kind of learning environment internally.

Palmer, chief learning officer, Degreed, and Blake, co-founder, Degreed together present a view of the future where learning and evolving are more important than ever before. They talk of times where the learning paradigm is changing and is much more complex, as technology and humans come together in the workplace.

Published by Nicholas Brealey Publishing, An Hatchette UK, the book is a ready reckoner for organisations, CEOs or CLOs looking to embark on an effective learning journey. With interesting cases and anecdotes from their years of experience, Palmer and Blake offer seven guiding principles for employers to help their employees build skills that are critical to the success of their business, now and in the future.

The seven guiding principles stated by the authors equip organisations and leaders with the wisdom to decide and work towards putting in place the right environment and techniques to ensure learning. The book offers a holistic and contemporary approach to learning and upskilling workforces for a world where the nature of jobs will change and business success will largely depend on the interplay of humans and machines.

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With interesting cases and insights from companies, such as Google, NASA, Airbnb, Unilever, MasterCard and more, the authors bring out various facets of training and how they relate to changing learning modes and needs that most organisations will be able to relate to. Experts from these innovative companies, along with the authors establish the fact that business success requires a change in mindset with regard to skilling talent, which is an organisation’s most important asset.

In the book, Blake shares his own journey as an employee and then as an entrepreneur who realised that learning is an ongoing journey, and that one needs to take control of it sooner or later in order to succeed in life. Similarly, businesses need to understand that every individual learns differently and that employees are complex, unique individuals who should be in control of their own learning and career growth rather than being force-fed by their organisations.

Full of real-life stories of businesses and leaders who have got it right, The Expertise Economy doesn’t let readers lose their grip on the central theme. It goes on to dare them to let go of the outdated and traditional ways of closing the skills gaps in the workplace, and equips the readers with enough knowledge to embrace the new challenges that lie ahead in the expertise economy.

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